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It's been a cold wet April in North -Eastern Indiana. We seem to be constanty carrying our plant starts back and forth from the unheated greenhouse at night to the heated holding area.  Lots of nights hovering in the mid to low 30's.  Wet, cold, windy days with lots of daytime highs barely climbing into the 40's. So we make preparations as best we can and do what we can to keep things moving forward in this unpredictable month we call April.  We often are unable to get all our plants in the ground before Memorial Day here at Fox Trail Farm but our growing season now often extends into mid - to - late October and beyond for some varieties of our vegetables.  We over-wintered parsnips that came back with beautiful vibrant foliage in the garden before almost anything else was greening up.  Flavor of the spring harvest parsnips produced a firm root with wonderful complex flavor when roasted with a light olive oil glaze.

Happy to have my new greenhouse to spend my time in planting, repotting, and dreaming all out of inclement weather.  This season will be the time to learn what can be accomplished with an unheated 6X12' greenhouse.  It's already completely full and crowded with overwintered pots, new plants, seedlings, and soil mixes and also houses many of my garden tools...don't know how I managed without it. 

Winter losses of our honey bee colonies have caused us to have to bring in package bees to re-establish our hives.  Carniolan bees from California were brought in by a member of our bee keeping club ( MIchiana Bee Keepers Association). and we hived five packages between rainstorms on April 19.  Yesterday we experienced an all-too-rare day with temps around 60 degrees and all hives were flying.  The rebirth of our hives was a nice sight to see and a positive reminder of the meaning of the Easter season.

Happy Good Friday and Earth Day to all!

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