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Age Old Advice and Gardening Wisdom

The following excerpts taken From The Old Farmer’s Almanac by Robert B. Thomas, No. 86, 1860.

Then honor him who tills the soil,As well as those who rear our domes; For both leave monuments of toil Which point to many happy homes.

Sound Advice:

An agricultural writer of respute says, “ August is the best time for ploughing and seeding down such mowing lands as need re-seeding. *** From the 10th of August to Sept. 20th is appropriate time for this work.  There can be no doubt that this is the best way to resuscitate worn out grasslands, but it is important that it be done in season.  Flint, in his treatise on Grasses and Forage Plants, says “The most important point to be observed, is to use a large number of species of grasses, with smaller quantities of each than those most commonly used.  This is Nature’s rule; for in examining the turf of a rich old pasture we shall find a large number of different species growing together.”

The Gardens of New England, by Elihu Burritt

The farmer’s garden is the introduction to a large volume, of which every acre is a page, bearing the marks of his character.  Viewed in this light, the gardens of New England are full of hopeful and instructive reading to those who consult their chronicles.  They show that science, taste and successful industry, have been brought to bear upon agriculture.  They mark the degree of mental culture and refinement to which the farmers of the country have attained.




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