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The Beauty of Fall

Windswept Farms of Kentucky

The Beauty of Fall

I have been working today around the house and yard. I have been drawn to my favorite scripture at this time; Ecc. 3:1 -- To every thing there is a season and a time to every purpose under Heaven.

My time this week has been the time of harvest and reflection. The time when our words and actions can effect those around us. For we are also experiencing the time for mourning. Do you activate your love and care for friends and family everyday? Could you do more? Do you have excess that could be helpful to others? Have you taken time to share God's love with someone this week?

We have had many changes this season. We expanded our CSA to include Louisville, KY and points along I-65  between Horse Cave and Louisville. Our produce dried up early due to the drought, forcing us to close our personal Market early in July. We sold off most of our livestock due to lack of grazing and AGE. 

Therefore, we now face the new and exciting challenges of re-stocking our flocks, filling the greenhouse (maybe build another one), and pulling out the seed catalogs to begin planning for the coming season.

These are all questions and issues my husband and I have reflected on this week. I encourage you to take a moment to read all of Ecc. 3:1 for yourselves. What season are you in today?

Feel free to respond with your reflections and plans for the coming year.

Always looking up,

gwen Williams,

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