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Salad Season

Salad season is here in full swing! We mix lots of different lettuces, along with michihli leaves and florets, baby beet tops, baby carrots, shogoin turnip roots, radishes, and pea shoots for the most delicious and fresh salad ever! Try some with a strawberry vinaigrette and toasted pecans, or boiled eggs and bacon for a wholesome and satisfying meal.

Our braising greens are abundant, too. It is fun to try different mixes and new cooking techniques for them. Arugula is great sauteed in bacon drippings and added to a cheesy pasta dish. Stir-fried michihli with onions and mushrooms is great as a side dish with chicken. Southern style turnip greens cooked with diced roots and salted pork is yet another way to enjoy the spring harvest.

Be daring! Try something new this season in the "greens" department. You can't go wrong, no matter what you choose or how you choose to eat them.

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