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Rabbits as house pets

Our youngest child received a rabbit for his birthday back in November. It was a mixed breed with some Flemish Giant parentage. My son had done massive amounts of reading on rabbit keeping prior to his choosing this pet and had decided upon Flemish Giant, as they are known to be calm and gentle animals.

He was named Sasquatch for his incredibly large feet. He has an appetite to match them, too! However, the great thing about rabbits is their food is relatively cheap when compared to layer crumbles, goat pellets, and horse feed! Furthermore, since we garden nearly yearround, there is always plenty of fresh produce to offer him. In addition to the pellets and lots of vegetable parings, he enjoys pine twigs and cones, fresh green grass trimmings, dandelions, and other yard goodies!

After living in our home for two months, he is quite affectionate towards us and has a ritual of circling our feet when we enter his area. In addition, he makes soft, grunting sounds as he runs. We take him outside for a run in the chicken yard for exercise and fresh air and house him in a comfy hutch when we aren't home.

Anyone who is wanting a pet, but doesn't want the time committment of a puppy or a kitten, should consider these cuddly, domestic animals!

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