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August Salad Mix

Well, there is one more great thing about the heat of Summer.  The price for mixed salad greens goes through the roof!  Oh boy, finally a crop thats worth the effort for the creative farmer!

 Our mix price per pound just doubled today and we have yet to grow enough to satisfy the demand.  Of course, ours is quite special, and unique compared to most.  It contains most of the 'less apt to bolt' cut and come again leaf lettuce, like black seeded simpson and oakleaf, as well as others.  We mostly have more traditionaly thought of as steeming or sautaing greens, such as boc choi, tatsoi, mustards, mizuna, red russian kale, red amaranth, but they are only the baby leaves or tops.  Our additional unique additions are the real show stoppers of the mix, the flowers!  Yeah, eddible blossoms of the rainbow. They really pop and put the mix in a legue all of its own.  This week we are useing, petals from sunflowers, shasta daisys, chickory, rose, callundula, snapdraggon, dianthus, hollyhock, and honeysuckle, the plants that we use the whole flower or bud of are pansy/viola, raddish and brassica ssp., clover, daylilliy, chamomille, borage, nastyturtium, lavander, just to name a few. 

The two resteraunts that we supply have us pretty buisy reseeding and harvesting that we dare not tell anyone else of our product!  Just the same, if you must get a bite of this delectable, it is availiable at The Ridge Stope Cafe, in NSJ, or The Pelton Wheel, in Camptonville.

Gotta go, just thought Id brag a bit during the heat.  Enjoy! 


Hot hot hot!

Wow the heat is really beating down today, its probably going to make any heat sensitive plant bolt if they haven't already.  Ive discovered a neat trick though to minimize or at least prolong the switch from vegg. to bloom. Im talking about herbs like cilantro, basil, lettuces and spinach. First of all i keep the plants crowded.  The density of the leaves help shade the root zone, and its the heating of the soil that makes them most likely to bloom.  Daily misting helps, but not so much you drown them.  Harvest from every other plant, leaving neighbors to shade.  Mulch mulch mulch, I got a bunch of leaves from the local cemetery.  And give them a bit of shade, not too much, but remay (shade cloth), or a nice slender tall tree works well.  Lastly, harvest as often as you can even if its just buds and blooms.  Mother Nature and her need to flower is going to win out, but we can scrape as much as possible cant we?  

First Blog!

Wanna know my frame of mind?  What is your local food farmer thinking if he's not worried about beating the rush hour traffic?  Pretty simple I guess, Bugs, Bulbs, Bullshit, Backaches, and um Biodynamics?  Yea, Rudolf Stiener; self sufficiency, dedication, completion, and integrity....Sounds like most small farmers I know.  I love that he starts his lecture series telling the world there is no place for economists telling farmers how to grow.  Though I cant find anything more than hanging out with the farmers in trouble, in Rudolfs' experiance in farming either.  But im down with the idea of self sufficiency and intuition, and the realist in me understands that in order to export produce, we must import nitrogen (mostly).  That doesn't mean chemical nitrogen, but that element in particular is the shit, so to speak.  So my neighbor has two steers and I have a pond, as well as a small but growing flock of mixed laying hens.  With the help of them, I am able to import less.  Its not expensive to shovel out your neighbors stalls, but it does cost in sweat.  

Bugs!  We do well with just preventing any ill health with compost teas, but if the pests get too crazy, i like neem oil or diatoms.

Bulbs, well I just finished the last planting of glads for cut flowers. I like to successively plant them to extend the harvest.  They are so big as far as most blooms are, so you only need a couple per arrangement.  The garlic is in super early for me.  I only plant the hugest from last year.  Garlic is cool.   Ive heard garlic is paired with humans through better or worse.  Seems it would have poor chances to go on if we dont make it to divide and re sow the next season.  Corn is another, it just wouldnt get big enough, all crouded with its syblings on a rotten core.  It needs us to break it up and divide the seed.  It seems we need it equally.  Read The Omnivors Dilema.

So last of the first, is backackes.  I started makeing a Ganja salve for my moms arthiritis, her hands look twisted, and gotta ache like hell.  Its given her some relief, wait till i tell her its from some auto imune difficiency poison in her favorite artificial non sweetner.  Its nice on my back too.  Ive been told it cured toenail fungus.

Well gotta go take care of the new cuttings, its intense keeping them happy durring the crazy hot and buisy summer. 


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