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United States Moving to stop citizens from growing food!
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Say No To GMO's

Pepe makes a prediction:
Your health will one day depend on how wealthy you are, since foods will contain more and more GMO. People who can't afford USDA Organic Foods will be at greater risk to the potential hazards posed by GMO'S. Farming organically will become more and more difficult as a result of competition from huge agricultural companies engaged in all aspects of the GMO industry.

One example of this would be the control of big agriculture on conventional farmers. Conventional farmers purchase seeds that are GMO so they can produce more and more food. They hope to get a higher return on investment with these super seeds. These farmers purchase chemical insecticides and weed killers to spray these super seeds. The weeds, insects, diseases etc are destroyed but the GMO seed grown plants are fine. Question: What about us, are we okay? 

As our conventionally grown foods nutrition decreases and toxicity increases the demand for organic food will explode! Supply and demand controls the price of all goods and services, everyone knows this is true.

As consumers, we eat the GMO foods and we end up with the genes from the GMO seed plants. The farmer ends up trapped buying chemical and GMO seeds. This is great marketing and great business on the part of big agriculture.

The increasing introduction of GMO in farming and the farmers' dependence on this GMO system is in many peoples' opinions very dangerous! Besides the health concerns let me bring up one more important point. I expect the price of organic foods, that do not contain GMO, to skyrocket. The less affluent in our society will not be able to afford naturally grown nutritious foods to be healthy.

We are living in a time of great change. We need to go back to natural farming and we need to do it locally and help all people to eat healthy. One way to start is to grow your own vegetables and plant fruit trees. It would be great if food was grown naturally. Profit however dominates all aspects of food production and our society in general. Don't get me wrong here. Profit is not a dirty word, greed however is! Please stay informed and do your own research.

Jason "Pepe"
Pepe's Fruit Trees

Container Gardens are a wise choice for many urban farmers

Container gardening is a great way to grow plants. For years and years this has been the way nurseries and many gardeners enjoyed growing plants. Containers of many materials had been utilized. I remember my Grand Dad complaining about the poor soil we have here in many parts of South Florida. 

Every year as we entered into the fall season, he and my Dad would begin preparing planting beds for the vegetable gardens. Wow, what a job that was!

Grand Dad eventually tired of preparing the planting beds and started growing in plastic pots. He did a great job and we enjoyed lots of great tomatoes, eggplants, sweet potato and many other vegetables. 

As we move forward in our gardening adventures, many new container systems have evolved. Today we really don't need to prepare planting beds.  We can grow a crop using plastic containers and systems of all kinds.

The one disadvantage of plastic containers is the lack of soil aeration and the development of root bound plants. In a hard container, be it plastic, styrofoam, wood or terracotta the roots circle and grow thick. These thick circling roots can slow down the plants development. Roots are often not able to absorb nutrients as easily. Roots also heat up quite a bit and that can stress out your plant and limit its production of fruits and vegetables.

Make gardening easier, save time and grow bigger healthier plants.

Plastic or wooden planter boxes are bulky and require storage when not in use. A Geopot can be easily washed, rinsed and dried so it can be folded and put away easily. Minimal space is required to keep them. It's like folding a shirt or pair of shorts! How easy is that?

No need to buy bulky often chemically treated lumber or waste time, money and energy building planting beds. You can enjoy gardening without breaking your back. Grow anywhere, indoors or outdoors. You can order Geopots with handles and even special transplant seams. You can use garden soil and save money compared to purchasing potting mix if you prefer*.
Choose pots or planters made with black or tan fabric. Black fabric absorbs more heat and in some areas that’s good. Other growers may choose the tan fabric that stays a little cooler.

All Geopot and Geoplanters are made in the United States from durable UV protected fabric.

Now here is another great reason you should use Geopots. They actually provide a healthier environment for the plants root zone. Plastic containers can hold too much water and drain poorly. Plastic containers over heat the soil and root aeration is poor. Terra cotta can dry out too quickly. Your Geopot or Geoplanter will provide more air circulation and natural root pruning. All this means you grow a bigger healthier plant.

Grow a tree in a bag
Why not grow a fruit tree and take it with you when you move?

You can purchase Geoplanters large enough to grow almost anything, compact enough for the patio, deck or condo balcony. All bags are durable and constructed from recycled materials to help us all benefit from a greener planet. 

For more information call 954-740-4070

Visit us on the web at:

*Always remember that the quality of your soil, its biological health and nutrient content are fundamental to crop success or failure.


Grow Vegetables in a Hay Bale Garden

Here in South Florida I use hay bales and it works great.

Here is the method. Set up an area with about eight bales close together. Water the bales well then spread composted manure evenly over the surface. Water the manure and then spread garden soil evenly on the manure. Water well and repeat the watering for about three days over the surface you have prepared.

Now spread a black platic cover over the bales to serve as a mulch for weeds and to conserve moisture. Secure the cover by folding under the bales so the weight will keep it in place. Cut holes in the plastic mulch cover. Plant your seedlings. Set up a simple drip irrigation system and timer. Adjust your watering as needed for your growing climate. Now you can enjoy growing without breaking your back!

Spray your favorite compost teas every week or so to keep the soil alive and teeming with organic creatures that will help your seedlings thrive.

We start planting in mid October. I will post pics soon as we get it set up.

All the best and looking forward to sharing tips and learning from all of you.
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Farmers Markets Need Local Farmers

Jason “Pepe” owner of locally based Pepe’s Plants is a man on a mission. He wants more people to start planting and harvesting sub tropical fruit and growing herbs and vegetables.
"Pepe" wants people to know that growing fruit trees is not very difficult so long as you understand some basics. He is eager and pleased to share his knowledge with anyone who visits him.
His experience is extensive. In the late 1990's he and his family managed 7.5 acres of land with a wide assortment of tropical fruit trees and exotic palms. His grove and nursery was located in Southwest Ranches near Griffin Road and 178 ave.
Today his family owns a 2.5 acre nursery in Jupiter Florida and he also operates a small backyard nursery from his home in Davie.
Pepe's also draws traffic for “miracle fruit,” a berry that temporarily alters taste perception from sour to sweet. Beyond the novelty, he says, some people believe it may benefit diabetics and chemo-therapy patients.
 "Pepe" hopes that farmers’ markets can one day come full circle - customers buy and grow fruit trees and the following season sell their local harvest at Farmers Markets near them.
"Everyone should look at backyards & vacant lots, no matter how big or small, as micro farms for fresh fruits and vegetables. By thinking this way and taking action, we’ll increase the local food supply available to our community,” he says.
"Pepe" Recommends several methods of growing herbs and vegetables. One great product he offers is the Earth Box. According to Pepe the Season for vegetable growing is almost here so stop by soon and say hello to him.
To visit Pepe's Plants stop by his very informative and educational web site at
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