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United States Moving to stop citizens from growing food!
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Say No To GMO's

Pepe makes a prediction:
Your health will one day depend on how wealthy you are, since foods will contain more and more GMO. People who can't afford USDA Organic Foods will be at greater risk to the potential hazards posed by GMO'S. Farming organically will become more and more difficult as a result of competition from huge agricultural companies engaged in all aspects of the GMO industry.

One example of this would be the control of big agriculture on conventional farmers. Conventional farmers purchase seeds that are GMO so they can produce more and more food. They hope to get a higher return on investment with these super seeds. These farmers purchase chemical insecticides and weed killers to spray these super seeds. The weeds, insects, diseases etc are destroyed but the GMO seed grown plants are fine. Question: What about us, are we okay? 

As our conventionally grown foods nutrition decreases and toxicity increases the demand for organic food will explode! Supply and demand controls the price of all goods and services, everyone knows this is true.

As consumers, we eat the GMO foods and we end up with the genes from the GMO seed plants. The farmer ends up trapped buying chemical and GMO seeds. This is great marketing and great business on the part of big agriculture.

The increasing introduction of GMO in farming and the farmers' dependence on this GMO system is in many peoples' opinions very dangerous! Besides the health concerns let me bring up one more important point. I expect the price of organic foods, that do not contain GMO, to skyrocket. The less affluent in our society will not be able to afford naturally grown nutritious foods to be healthy.

We are living in a time of great change. We need to go back to natural farming and we need to do it locally and help all people to eat healthy. One way to start is to grow your own vegetables and plant fruit trees. It would be great if food was grown naturally. Profit however dominates all aspects of food production and our society in general. Don't get me wrong here. Profit is not a dirty word, greed however is! Please stay informed and do your own research.

Jason "Pepe"
Pepe's Fruit Trees
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