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Summertime is Turkey Time--Get that Roaster Out!!


Summertime is the perfect time for turkey.  Pictured is a Tom hatched in July 2010 and overwintered.  The cut on the top of the breast was deliberate to show the "layer" of basting fat a tom of this age should have.    Because hens and toms between 6 to 9 months of age do not have this fat layer , I will brine the bird but no need to brine or hover over an older Tom.  This layer of fat also makes for a wonderful smoked turkey.  (Note: hens should be processed either prior to sexual maturity or when egg laying has stopped  for the season with enough time to get weight back on the breast)

To keep the kitchen cool, I use the table top turkey roaster, set at 375 degrees.  I rub the turkey with a little oil to hold my selection of herbs, salt, and pepper the walk away until the temp. probe tells me the dark thigh meat is 165 degrees. 

Take turkey out of roaster and cover with tin foil and a towel and let set for at least fifteen minutes before carving.  I totally carve the bird because the next step is to take the carcuss and boil in the roaster to release the remaining meat and broth for soup, casseroles, and so on. 



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