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Time For the Hens to Begin Raising Their Own Babies!

With my last tray hatching next week, I am looking forward towards the hens doing all the work, while I just record their broodiness.  Besides, I have enough to do raising the poults I hatched.  I recently saw a hen I sold last year, and opps, I would love to have her back in my breeding program.  She is being bred to one of my Toms so perhaps I can get some eggs back for my incubator.   I hate it that I can't keep them all until they mature before making my next generation breeding selections. 

In my brooder, I have twenty poults I am keeping out of my main tom, Tut and King's daughters.  From these poults, I will select next year's hens to breed to Die Hard, Tut's son. 

I also have bred Tut's daughter's  to King.  These hens will be permitted to raise their own clutches so I can evaluate their broodiness.  From these poults, I will also select hens to breed to Die Hard.  From those not selected, some will go to market and others purchased as seed producers for other small acreage farmers. 

If that is not enough to keep me occupied, I am in the process of building a new turkey pen so that I can keep the market birds seperate from my breeding birds.   To lessen my work load, I have decided it is time to learn how to wing band.  Food dye on poults and leg bands work fine on a small flock but as the brood expands wing bands are a must.

If anyone has any internet articles on how to wing band, please email me.




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