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Time to "RAMP" it up1

Well, the time is coming up shortly when Miss Jane and I will be on the lookout for WILD LEEKS!  Formally known as “Ramps”.  At some horrendous price like $16.99 a pound at WHOLE FOODS I’m deterimined to find some locally to pick. 

Miss Jane accompanies me almost weekly on one travel day of trimming hooves or training horses. Spring time I drive her nuts!  Driving down a windy back road on the way to the designated stables and I’ll stop and back up screaming, “Look! Look!  Is that a clump of Leeks?”

Meanwhile Miss Jane is trying to recover herself from the floor of the car since she is terrified of backing up with me!  Smoothing her hair and patting her shirt back into place from her instant slither to safety, she’ll calmly look around and say,

“No, Gwen. I think that’s probably Skunk Cabbage.”

Well, Skunk Cabbage IS known to be edible in its early stages but the smell is a bit of a deterrent for me. So, I put the Xterra back into drive and forwards we move once again. (To Miss Jane’s great relief!)

Being a generous grand Lady, Miss Jane purchased a small amount of Ramps for John and me last year. (Our weekly spring escapades did not find much other than Skunk Cabbage and other swampy things.) I stir fried them gently with a bit of butter and garlic and some other vegetables and they were simply delectable!

This year we WILL find some. We may have to carefully pull our boots out of the mud of the early spring stream bankings but we WILL find some.

I’m determined.

(Miss Jane will have to find some sort of cushion to place on the floor of the car this year to soften the blows.  Might as well just travel in reverse all the time!)

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