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All Cooped Up!

Today we worked on the brooder house/coop.  Again.  This has been an awfully long, ongoing project for the size of coop it is, but that happens when you're training your workforce as you construct, and when those happy hens keep interrupting you!  If they weren't traipsing in to inspect the progress of the construction they were yelling at us from afar, calling us to come hunt eggs!  I have been hearing one somewhere around the landing zone (for those giant sized rolls of hay or straw when winter's grip prevents us from getting them all the way to the barn.)  However, I have some hearing loss in one ear due to an ear infection in '06, and that makes it hard to locate the direction sometimes, particularly when they are far away.  Finally this evening, when the boys were taking off the topper, they found the nest!  There were at least three hens contributing to it and altogether there were 14 eggs!  One egg was a deep dark brick red color.  I'd say we're ready for Easter, since the oldest daughter found green ones in her part of the barnyard.

I'll try to remember to bring the camera with me the next time I visit to blog, so that I can post some of the progress.  We're ready for the siding, trim, and now to find some wheels or a wagon gear suitable for a 6x8 chick coop.  They moved in already today, and they were sure comfortable!  Even this evening as things were cooling down, I looked in and they were sitting all around, ducklings back in the shadowy corner, and only a handful of chicks directly under the brooder light itself.  

This go-round is small thanks to our brooder house blowing away the beginning of the month.  We are feeding this run regular starter for the first bag, but the second bag I made sure to get gamebird feed, which has no antibiotics since they can't handle it.  We're raising ducklings with them so we can't feed the kind that has antibiotics anyway.  However, after we finally gave up and the chicks arrived, we did find a source for organic feed but boy was it expensive! 

 The first garden bed is covered with greenhouse plastic, and we'll begin working on that greenhouse tomorrow, if the rain holds off long enough.  I have to remember to call and make an appointment for the beef as our freezer is running pretty low.

That's all I can stay up to write for now, so until next time, stay healthy, eat fresh!

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