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This Little Piggie,...

First let me say how surprised I was to log in today and realize I had saved drafts, and not published any blog entries for several months.  Hum.  Well, here goes yet another one.  

This spring I was disappointed that our gilts and sows had not settled to produce any litters early in the spring, so got in a new boar in April  Things are looking good, ...good and late!  Well, some feeder pigs are in order if we are to meet our orders from our beef customers.  One customer told me that her whole family agreed that my beef was the best tasting beef they had ever had from anyone!  What a big pat on the back that on was!  Then she asked when the pork would be ready.  <sigh>  Not sure, but some time this fall, probably late. 

Anyway, so I brought in some feeder pigs.  They were happy enough in their pen for about a week.  Today I realized that a goat had climbed out, a sheep had managed to get some electric hot wire off the fence and was tangled in it, and there were three little pigs who were not in their pen..all this while we were trying to milk the goats.  Which to do first?!

 The Maremma lgd that normally watched over those piggies was up a pasture, not on duty.  They had managed to push the gate I think.  So I walked in the pasture, picked up a tree branch that was long enough to touch them from about four feet away and thought I was going to drive them back.  Hum.  Not happening.  SO  I went toward the gate thinking at least I'd see how they got out and maybe stop the rest from gettino out.  On my way down there I heard some little piggie grunting noises, and looked behind me.  Here they came.  Following me back!  Getting them to go back in was more of a challenge but in they went, after I caught the first one and put him in.  So did one of the goats.  Grr! 

 Sorted everyone out, and went to pull weeds in the garden.  Every pig and every goat loves weeds fresh from the garden.  Somewhere I have a list of the nutritional value of some of them.  I'll look for that for next time's post. First, lets' see if i can get this entry to post.  Until next time, eat fresh, eat real, eat local.

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