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2013 Winding Down

As 2013 begins winding down we begin to look back over the past year and re-evaluate our efforts and achievements.  The fact is that time and resources are limited, and we all have to make choices.  Thus decisions must be made as to what we will continue to offer and what will be let go by the wayside due to lack of customer interest.  When our customers don't support our efforts or one or more of our products we have to drop some in favor of directing our best efforts toward our products which our customers have indicated they want offered by purchasing them regularly---from us.  Will we continue to raise the heritage breeds of livestock which are in danger of going extinct?  We can not do it without you our customer purchasing our products and sending new customers to us by word of mouth referrals.  Our ability to help preserve rare and endangered breeds of livestock are directly supported by our customer sales.  No sales means goodbye piggie, or  bunny, or get the drift. 


For the coming New Year I'd like to hear from you.  What do you want to buy direct from the farm?  How often, and in what amounts?  Do you want to come pick up at the farm or do you want us to deliver to your home, or even just along our errand routes? Keep in mind we raise our stock as naturally as possible, and protect them from predation of all kinds using naturally raised Maremma livestock protection teams.   If you know of a small or large farmer or homesteader suffering from predation you'll do both of us a great service in letting them know about us.  We specialize in providing proven experienced lgd's to those in a current predation situation.  Help us save family farms.  Let us know what you want us to grow for your family,...grown naturally with care...from our pantry to yours.

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