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Break's Over!

I'm glad to be back here.  It's been awhile since I posted due to having been in the 'loving arms' of the medical community for a couple of months.  After many rounds of tests and doctor's visits...big insurance dollars, (did I need to mention?)...turned out it was nothing after all.  Hum.  Sweet system, wonder if my CSA could utilize something similar? 

So we are still alive here and expect to stay that way for some time to come.  To update you on our CSA current events I will just mention that we are now taking orders for ground rabbit sausage and will post new items as they become available though winter's grip has tightened with some cruel cold temperatures that remain low throughout the day and night.  

We started a tanning vat a couple of weeks ago, before we heard the temperatures were forecast to drop so low.  The furs look so beautiful on the animals that it's a shame to waste them for lack of time or skills.  I had spoken with the tannery nearby but they said they could not guarantee that the rabbit furs would not disintegrate in the vats, and they required payment up front.  The charge for the cowhides was $950.  When asked how that could possibly be affordable, I was assured that I could sell them on ebay.  She said she had seen one selling for $750 the previous week!  Wow.  So we decided to check out DIY tanning articles and try out a few of those recipes.  More info on this once the temps warm enough for us to see what we have out there! Let me know if you want to learn how to do this.

 Fiberarts and garden planning are the top activities of the week around this Homestead.  Two activities that can be done near a warm fire with a hot cuppa!  Contact me for details about when and where we can meet up to sit and spin, knit or just plan for spring.  I for one am planning for a much shorter winter and an earlier spring than last year.

Until next time, be well, eat as fresh as you can for the season.

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See? that wasnt so hard now was it? Glad you are okay,it was good to talk to you the other day....stay warm!

Posted by LEE on December 13, 2010 at 09:19 PM EST #

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