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Busy as Bees

What a week!  We have been picking green beans, then hauling and pushing green beans at area markets.  It's about the end of it all now, until they dry and then we will see about shelled beans!  

 We have started a remodel of a rabbitry, to meet increased market demands. Lighting needs improving for winter so we will be looking for information as to the optimum light level in order to avoid wasting electricity by using a higher level of light than necessary.  Poultry need 14 hours of light a day to lay well, and rabbits as well as goats breed better depending on the length of the daylight in any given season.  We are looking into providing the electricity with a solar panel array as we consider going off-grid. As I informed the school district board member complaining about the money he says public cyber charter schools cost the school district, it's all about customer satisfaction.  If you don't provide it as part of your service, you can expect to see your customers flocking away.  I could tell that the public school systems' board meetings had never before discussed such a radical concept as customer satisfaction. Well, we feel that the electric company is getting too greedy so we are preparing to meet our needs as well as those of our customers that want more rabbit.  Since we help two rabbitries market their rabbit meat we find ourselves busy helping them develop better facilities for their rabbits as well as develop systems that save them money while better meeting the needs of the animals.

We finished stage one of the new Chicken Run and have materials laid out for stage two.  They chickens are already 'running' in stage one.  The garden is much safer now.  So nowadays my porch *is* painted, but this time it is actually paint, as the DH ran over my bucket of hive body paint, and the dog tracked it all over the porch.  At least it's not cowpile green!

We have begun bringing in and collecting the new mudroom/workroom project materials, but it is on the same priority as the greenhouse and hotbeds!  I was really hoping to be able to begin wool processing and fiber arts lessons in the workshop by now, so yes, we are a bit behind  schedule.

School is really full bore now so lots less help around the homestead these days.  We could really use one or two good homesteadin' apprentices.  Luckily the hive removal last week was one that could be done after dark so I had help with that job.  Most of the work is just routine nailing and a little post driving, with stage two of the Chicken Run, stage three will require a few post holes be hand dug.

Speaking of digging, I just remembered that the Jerusalem artichokes are probably about ready to dig, and there are a couple of beds of potatoes up there that need digging up as well.  Oddly enough, I first thought of it last week when I was at a friend's homestead.  His Jerusalem artichokes were just now in bloom!  He said that livestock enjoy eating them, too, so I will see about that as I have a lot of them out there this year.

 Until next time, eat fresh, eat well, be well.

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Hey you hippy(ette) LOL ! Just kidding! I havent heard from you in awhile so I see you posted a new post so I had to hollar back atcha.

Sounds like you are indeed busy...I been doing the same, trying to get something done in the cold and rain(40s and rain the last week+YUCK!)

My sunchokes are just now blooming too,taters are all done though....ha! Yes critter love sunchokes...been feeding them to rabbits for years and goats and everything else,,,Thomas Jefferson did alot of experiments with them a livestock fodder at man,been growing them for 30 years...they are a good crop!

Sounds like the rabbitt business id doing well,wish you were closer,Id buy some females off you,hardly anyone around here raises meat rabbitts anymore...just those stunted little dwarfy things,arrggg! for pets?

Well I got work to do,better git to it,take care and Ill talk to you shortly,hope y'all are well! Lee

Posted by LEE on October 07, 2010 at 08:39 PM EDT #

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