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Going Out With a Bang

Last evening we went to the Crossroads Restaurant located near Cashtown, Pennsylvania, for dinner and to catch the end of a Knit N Spin Out evening.  Arriving there later than normal due to some unexpected events, we were greeted by our waitress with the information that they were out of some items on the menu, due to it being their last night to be open.  As we sat down and looked out the window opposite from where we had entered the restaurant, we noticed that the sign made the announcement clear, had we approached from that direction or entered from that side of the dining room.  We had fish sandwiches, generously sized fish portions served on generous Kaiser rolls, with all the works.  The tables were all full of diners on this the last night, right up till closing time.  The owner greeted the late arrivals stating that they were going out with a bang.  It had been a good day.  

The atmosphere was uncharacteristically solemn.  Usually we could barely hear ourselves when the tables were all full as they were this evening.  Not tonight, ...tonight it was very quiet as patrons ate their meals for the last time, and quietly paid their tabs for the last time.

We will miss this tiny restaurant, which included a general store offering convenience store items like milk, eggs, and ice cream.  Our homestead social group will miss having their venue available on Friday nights, too. Following the unexpectedly tragic death of the owner/husband/father of two small girls this past June, so many of us in the local community had been pulling for this family, hoping against hope that they could continue to stay open through these rocky times, and that they could then prosper.  Sadly, it was not to be,...instead it is a prime example of what happens when you don't support your most basic local businesses such as small family restaurants and yes, small family farms. Like the window decal says,..."Support your local farmer...or watch the houses grow!"

Please let me know if you have any suggestions for where we can hold our get-togethers in future. 

Until next time, your local farmer, well, fresh, well.

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