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Hello again,...

Hello again, it's been a long while.  I notice that I neglected to save and publish my last entry before the Big Backache.  <sigh>  Well, spring was very late this year, having two days back to back in two weeks back to back of freezing weather sure knocked the garden back. Things are so late this year.  I hope we have a late first frost, Our garden looks lovely but when the temps soar, blossoms drop which means no production.  Now that the temps are cooler the summer garden should take off and the fall garden can germinate and take off. 

We're counting down the days to bacon and sausage.  Our gilts farrowed and are raising two litters, with another litter due soon.  We'll be weaning the first litter next week or so.  We're weaning the second litter next month. 

They've been raised on ground feed, pasture, and whey from our cheese making daily or at least every other day.  It's really funny to see how soon after birth they start using their tiny little rooters!  We really love the Berkshires, the moms are gentle even with babies, and the babies are calm and easy to pick up, don't squeal bloody murder and make mom and the whole herd go crazy.  They say the meat tastes better than other breeds, so I wonder if that's the connection.  Calmer animals are said to taste better and be more nutritious.

They sure are good at clearing brush!

Well, I have to get out there in it, and get up from this computer.  I'll take it easy, though, so I don't end up flat on my back again, and come back here sooner next time.

Meantime, well, eat real!


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