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Slow Day, Slow Food

Twas a slow day on Homestead Springsberry.  Since we had the two oldest off to college all day, I took advantage of the peace and quiet to 'rest' while I did a couple loads of laundry, finished a book, and we prepared a nice dinner.  You know,...the kind of 'dinner' you hold shortly after noon.

I had put a chicken on the grill/smoker the night before and brought it out this morning to finish cooking it in the oven.  It was one of our pastured poultry jumbo cornish from the freezer--- vintage 2009.  It could only be described as deee-lectable and most likely that specific taste is unrepeatable!  Evan had split some shavers of tulip poplar wood, I had put several freshly picked maple branchlets in there, too.  The smokey flavor was unspeakably delicious in both smell and finally in taste.  We had broccoli, cauliflower, Rice a la Little Miss Muffet, and an extremely yummy fruit salad also a la Little Miss Muffet. She used some cantaloupe from our garden, some oranges from the store, ( I still haven't figure out how to grow orange trees here!) and some honey crisp apples from another local farmer.  She bathed that in a cream cheese style sweet sauce from our homestead dairy goats.  She's getting pretty darn good with these things.

My day felt incomplete because I never did find the missing page of my favorite cookbook.  Patchwork Relish is apparently not available on the worldwide web.  My ingredients still sit on the counter.  I have put out a call for help finding it to one of my puttin' by email groups.  With luck, someone else will have this book, too.

We finished up the day by working in the garden a bit, and by setting up a few T-post corners in preparation for building a new chicken paddock. When I put away the evening milking production, I realized it will be a busy day tomorrow, between trying to finish up the new chicken range, working in the garden, arranging for grain from a local farmer, and let's not forget the fridge overfloweth so I must make some kind of cheese tomorrow, too.  I should best decide which, and set it to ripen overnight. 

Until next time...ya'll eat fresh, ya'll eat well.

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Busy eh? Aint it great? I wish I could find some bees people wanted rid of but I never find out about any till someone tells me they sprayed raid on a bunch of bees on their porch or tree,I want to scream at them but I just grimmace and leave,oh well this homestead farming is still the life right? talk to you soon!

Posted by LEE on September 01, 2010 at 11:32 PM EDT #

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