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Some years ago, I saw a picture of some huge ice lights adorning a walkway. It was just a picture and it was not the main object of the picture, but, it was pretty just the same. I showed it to my husband and he figured out how to make the “lights”. After that, we did this every winter when we lived in Maine. I thought, I would share it with you and maybe some of you would also like to do this.

I named them NORWEGIAN CANDLES, maybe that is their name anyway, I don't know.

The outcome that you want is:

all along a walkway or even drive way, big huge ice candles on either side.

This is how you do it. Get the kids, because this is fun!


1) A 5 gallon empty plastic bucket, no holes, and preferably with a handle on it.

2) water

3) candles that are either long or big round ones. You can find these in any store. Just buy a few for now, after you get the hang of this, you can figure out what size you want. The candles don't have to be scented. You only need ONE candle per ice light.

You need to mark where you want your NORWEGIAN CANDLES to be. I suggest spacing them at least 3 feet from each other.


1) take your bucket and fill it full of water.

2) Leave it out side, preferably near your site, until absolutely frozen around the edges and thick

3) when frozen put the bucket over your first marked site and slowly, turn it upside down.

Generally the middle part will be hollow. You may have to coax the ice out, don't be rough, you want the entire piece.

4) get your candle, situate it right in the middle in the hole of your ice and light it. ( your candle goes INSIDE and DOWN in your ice. The ice looks something like a coffee mug, with a bottom of ice and yet deep enough to put the candle, so that the wind does not blow it out. )

Continue with the rest of your marked places

Only light the  NORWEGIAN CANDLES  at night. It may take a few days, depending on how many buckets you have around, to get all the NORWEGIAN CANDLES   that you want.

As long as it stays cold out, you will have your NORWEGIAN CANDLES  all winter long. Obviously, you will have to replenish your candles as they burn completely down.

I hope you enjoy your NORWEGIAN CANDLES as much as I did!

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