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CASCARA SAGRADA (Rhamnus Pursbiana) a/k/a sacred bark

   The native Americans used this for hundreds of years as a laxative.

Cascara Sagrada was accepted in medical

practice in the United States in 1877.


The bark should be dried for at least one year

before using.  Fresh cut, causes vomiting and

violent diarrhea


However, in 2002 The FDA has issued a ban in

the use of Cascara Sagrada as a laxative

ingredient in over the counter drug products. Use

of Cascara Sagrada has been associated with

abdominal pain and diarrhea; it is potentially




Cascara Sagrada has also been associated with

the development of chronic hepatitis. Short term

use may cause a terrific gripping effect on the

intestinal system, intestinal distress, including

inflammation of the colon, nausea and vomiting

and chronic or dangerously severe diarrhea.

Nursing mothers  who use this will pass the          

laxative effect to their infants. The strain on the

intestines and forced diarrhea could kill the infant.

Pregnant women can go into labor using Cascara



Long term use can lead to disorders of heart and

muscle function.


Cascara Sagrada acts unfavorably with

prescription medications.



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