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Often times at the farmers market where I go, I hear people say that they are vegetarians and therefore don’t use herbs.   What I tell them: “O  Honeee, you don’t know what you’re missing!”  Just one herb can change the whole taste of your dish!


LET’S  START WITH A SALAD. For the most part, all you need is just a touch .  By that, I mean a very little amount.  You want to make your salad have a faint taste of "something else" that a person can just taste. 

 Most people have a pepper grinder and if you empty it and put in fennel seeds, grind that over your next vegetable salad and I can almost guarantee you that you will wonder how you managed without this wonderful taste!

If you have "Italian Seasoning" sprinkle that lightly all over your salad. 

Basil, either the fresh leaves or dried leaves can also be added to your salad.

Mint, particularly peppermint, spearmint and/or chocolate mint can really make for a cool salad.  Speaking of which, you can also use Lemon Balm or Lemon Verbena to your salad for a little bit of lemony flavor.  (Lemon Grass unless really, really fine might not be a good idea).

Dandelion blossoms and the greens when young, make for a very healthy salad. (Just make sure of your surroundings!  The neighbors’ dog will Not add to your health!)

Of course any of the onion family such as onions (Vidalia are great in a salad as are yellow onions),leeks, scallions, shallots, cilantro, chives, and garlic.

Dill weed, just a touch!

Oregano, and/or  Lemon thyme   again, just a touch!

Parsley, preferably fresh parsley

Rocket a/k/a arugula or rugula, roquette can be used as a salad green.

Burnet or salad burnet and  Watercress can also make for an interesting addition.

Tarragon, ( as in French or Mexican, not Russian)  particularly fresh, but recently dried is good too. Again, just a touch! Tarragon has a slightly spicy taste.

For those who really want to be a little daring, add grated horseradish; cayenne peppers or any of the other hot peppers, cilantro. Turmeric and curry can be quite interesting






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