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Vegetables are green and fresh at Family Farms CSA near Sherman, TX

The vegetable are green and delicious at Foster Fogarty's Family Farms CSA, east of Sherman, TX.

The weather is just right to make delicious go from the farm to your table.  Call us at 903-818-5990.  Come by but first, check our web site for the latest update on what is happening at Family Farms CSA. 

The web site is



I want to thank Jay Goode at Goode Web Design for making my web site one of the top CSA web sites on the net.  We are getting calls from all over. 


Fall vegetables ready for you

The summer is cooler and fall is just around the corner.

... and the vegetables at Foster Fogarty's Family Farms CSA in Sherman, Texas has a plate for you!

"We have black-eyed peas, okra, garlic, basil, and chard along with delicious tomatoes ready now," Fogarty said Friday.

He's right!  Now is the time to order your fall garden vegetable and enjoy all the benefits of organically-grown vegetables for your table.

Go to Foster's web site Family Farms CSA and hear him explain how he grows his vegetables without phosphate fertilizers, and chemical insecticides.

It good for you and good for your family.

You don't know where those vegetables on the store shelves were grown and how long they have been in transit.   Come out and visit with Foster and he will show you and explain about organic vegetable growing.

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Call Foster Fogarty today at 903-818-5990


Family Farms CSA hosts Texas Agri-LIFE Extension

Foster Fogarty, who pioneered organic growing in North Texas, is now host to the Texas A&M Agri-LIFE Extension service.

The research arm of Texas A&M University is carefully studying Foster Fogarty's methods at Family Farms CSA.  They placed a  big sign out front announcing their presence.Texas Agri-LIFE Extension

"Well," Foster says, "They won't be in the way.  Let them look around.  Maybe they will learn something."

Homes around North Texas have known about Family Farms CSA for some time.  Mr. Fogarty is growing the tastiest and most organic vegetables on North Texas dinner tables. 

This year, Family Farms CSA, Sherman, TX, is offering Tilapia, fresh eggs, and more delicious vegetables. Call Foster at 903 267 6422 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            903 267 6422      end_of_the_skype_highlighting or e-mail him at

View his web site at by clicking here.


The Hens Are Coming

The chicks arrived and are growing.  Soon they will be hens and laying eggs for Foster Fogarty's Family Farms CSA, east of Sherman, Texas.

These hens will be fed organic food and cared for in a way no big-time commercial egg mill will ever care for their hens.  The conditions will be clean and humane.  

Eggs will add value to your share at Foster's community supported agriculture business and to your grocery basket.

So sign up now for the winter season at Family Farms CSA.   Come see our web site.  (click here)

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