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Vegetables are green and fresh at Family Farms CSA near Sherman, TX

The vegetable are green and delicious at Foster Fogarty's Family Farms CSA, east of Sherman, TX.

The weather is just right to make delicious go from the farm to your table.  Call us at 903-818-5990.  Come by but first, check our web site for the latest update on what is happening at Family Farms CSA. 

The web site is



I want to thank Jay Goode at Goode Web Design for making my web site one of the top CSA web sites on the net.  We are getting calls from all over. 


Fall vegetables ready for you

The summer is cooler and fall is just around the corner.

... and the vegetables at Foster Fogarty's Family Farms CSA in Sherman, Texas has a plate for you!

"We have black-eyed peas, okra, garlic, basil, and chard along with delicious tomatoes ready now," Fogarty said Friday.

He's right!  Now is the time to order your fall garden vegetable and enjoy all the benefits of organically-grown vegetables for your table.

Go to Foster's web site Family Farms CSA and hear him explain how he grows his vegetables without phosphate fertilizers, and chemical insecticides.

It good for you and good for your family.

You don't know where those vegetables on the store shelves were grown and how long they have been in transit.   Come out and visit with Foster and he will show you and explain about organic vegetable growing.

Hear a testimonial by clicking here

Call Foster Fogarty today at 903-818-5990


New Greenhouse to Keep Vegetables Growing

Foster Fogarty's Family Farms CSA moved his operations inside the other day.  

The freeze, which stopped agriculture production over much of North Texas, will not stop operations at Family Farms CSA.

Family Farms CSA, east of Sherman, TX, on Hwy 56, is still producing green, green vegetables in newly erected greenhouses.

"I have green lettuce, and baby cabbage, broccoli, garlic, spinich, mustard greens, arugula, red and green tomatos," Foster said.

So drop by and sign up for a share or visit us online at   You can sign up online, too.

Give Foster a call today at 903-818-5990.

The Hens Are Coming

The chicks arrived and are growing.  Soon they will be hens and laying eggs for Foster Fogarty's Family Farms CSA, east of Sherman, Texas.

These hens will be fed organic food and cared for in a way no big-time commercial egg mill will ever care for their hens.  The conditions will be clean and humane.  

Eggs will add value to your share at Foster's community supported agriculture business and to your grocery basket.

So sign up now for the winter season at Family Farms CSA.   Come see our web site.  (click here)


Honey production at Family Farms CSA

Foster Fogarty of Family Farms CSA will bring more honey bee for 2011.  That means more value for your share.

See exciting new video of Foster's honey bees and the blooms that will feed them.  CLICK HERE.

 See Family Farms CSA new web site by clicking here.


Family Farms CSA is located five miles east of Sherman, Texas.   Foster Fogarty, owner,  sells at his farm and two new drop sites in Collin County and Celina, Texas.  See the web site or call Foster at 903-818-5990.


Clean, disease-free, organically laid eggs are coming to Family Farms CSA in 2011!

Foster Fogarty owner of Family Farms CSA has sealed the deal on 100 baby chicks.   A whole new production of organic eggs will be available in 2011.

Why organic eggs!  All you have to do is read the newspapers and listen to television, Foster says.   News headlines scream about people who have been poisoned by commercial egg farms. 

"All they care about is producing more eggs at any cost," Foster said. 

 Family Farms CSA hens will NOT be living in squalid conditions.   Family Farms CSA hens will have room to roam.  Their eggs will be from organic feed.  Once laid, the eggs will be handled with care and cleanliness.

 Moms can be assured that Family Farms CSA eggs won't make you sick.

Family Farms CSA is located five miles east of Sherman, Texas.  Call Mr. Fogarty at 903-818-5990. His phone is ringing off the wall!  Call him today and sign up for your share or organic produce.

Visit Family Farms CSA web site by clicking here.

Falll Garden Providing Tasty Vegetables

Fall is here!   There has been frost on the pumpkin.

Relax!  There was no damage done to these winter harvest vegetables!

Foster Fogarty of Family Farms CSA says the frost helps the taste of fall vegetables. Photographer Jay Goode of Goode Web Design dropped by on Oct. 29 to see the frost and take a few pictures around the farm.  Click here to see the vegetables growing.

The phone is literally ringing off the wall.  Call Mr. Fogarty today and get signed up.  His number is 903-818-5990.

Oh yes!  Click here to see our new web site.


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