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How Green Can We Grow

How green can you grow?  Foster Fogary, owner of Family Farms CSA, has a green house full of tomatoes, lettuce, and many other veggies.  They will be planted soon and will arrive at someone's table.

All this was made possible by mother nature.  While the temps in North Texas dipped down to 8 degrees last winter, a big compost pile and a warm tank file with water and teaming with tilapia kept the structure warm and cozy. 

Now the veggies are ready to be planted on the outside along with the onions, which are growing and strong.

Everywhere on Family Farms veggies are growing the organic way.

Veggies are ready to be transplanted to the farm


Winter Vegetables at Family Farms CSA

"We have two seasons of growing here in Texas," said Foster Fogarty, owner of Family Farms CSA.

The vegetables are growing and the phone is ringing.  Call 903-818-5990 now to secure your share of these fine fall vegetables that cannot be bought no where but Texas.

 Family Farms CSA is located 5 miles east of Sherman, Texas.  He sells vegetables, honey, and berries at his farm.  He also announced two new drop sites in Collin County and Celina, Texas.

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