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The Rarest of Rare jewels in the garden!

This AM I found the rarest of rare jewels for a gardener, a new Monarch Butterfly chrysalis! This is only the 2nd one I have ever found, and I am 48 years old.  Needless to say I am thrilled!   [Read More]

Spectacular Rainbow

Shortly after the storm, sky was still dar  [Read More]

Sowing more seeds in the greenhouse this weekend!


Am going to be sowing more seeds in the greenhouse today! Love this time of year, when I can take a tiny seed and place it in a cup of earth and add just a little water, and let the sun do it's thing, and in no time of all the miracle happens - those tiny tiny plants burst thru the surface of the soil!!  It always amazes me, this cycle of life.  One tiny seed, a tomato for instance, that can, if nurtured properly, provide so much to us!!


Today I am going to start more herbs, mostly medicinal. My hopes are to have fresh and dried cut herbs for sale later on, mid summer or so. Keep your fingers crossed!


I am also starting my flowers, which will provide beauty for me to behold, and sustenance for my honey bees and other pollinators which I am encouraging. Plus, seeds to share come this fall!


A bit about Peacefully HomeGrown

Hi Everyone,

This is my first blog post for Peacefully HomeGrown on, and I would like to share a bit of information on myself and my business.

First of all, thank you to everyone who has purchased from my LocalHarvest store since I made my first offering in the fall of 2010.

Peacefully HomeGrown means that no methods other than organic, natural and vegan have been used.  No chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertizliers, no animal  based fertilizers (manure, bone or blood meal), have been used. I buy certified organic seeds, and use only organic gardening soil for starting my seeds. I mulch using grass clippings from my yard and fertilize with compost from all vegetable matter generated by my family.

This year I am going to experiment with minimum tillage to decrease the amount of fossil fuel used.  I am using a small tiller and cultivator rather than my 1950 Cub tractor to also have less negative impact on the earth and air.

I have been gardening and since  I was a kid, one of my earliest memoiries is of my grandparents letting me "help" plant their garden. I remember my grandmother letting me "help" plant the big butter bean seeds. 

I am a vegetarian, so a love of gardening really comes in handy!!

I am also studying herbalism, and will be planting many varieties of medicinal and culinary herbs this spring, in the hopes of being able to offer plants this spring, and fresh and dried herb, plus seed later this year. A little later this year I also hope to have herb teas, tinctures and seasoning mixes.

Thanks for viewing my blog!



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