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Sowing more seeds in the greenhouse this weekend!


Am going to be sowing more seeds in the greenhouse today! Love this time of year, when I can take a tiny seed and place it in a cup of earth and add just a little water, and let the sun do it's thing, and in no time of all the miracle happens - those tiny tiny plants burst thru the surface of the soil!!  It always amazes me, this cycle of life.  One tiny seed, a tomato for instance, that can, if nurtured properly, provide so much to us!!


Today I am going to start more herbs, mostly medicinal. My hopes are to have fresh and dried cut herbs for sale later on, mid summer or so. Keep your fingers crossed!


I am also starting my flowers, which will provide beauty for me to behold, and sustenance for my honey bees and other pollinators which I am encouraging. Plus, seeds to share come this fall!

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