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Why Composting?

The question I get asked the most often is "why composting?"  So, I figure I should tackle it in my first blog post.

After 5 years as a Combat Engineer Officer in the Army, I thought it was time for a change.  So, I switched to the National Guard and moved home to start a civilian career.  But, it was April 2009 - right in the middle of the economic downturn - and jobs were non-existent.  Six months after being awarded a Bronze Star in Iraq, I found myself on unemployment.  How embarrassing,

I could have either sat at home and felt sorry for myself or create a better future.  So, I started to look around for a business opportunity.  I always liked the sense of purpose that came with my Army positions, so I knew that any business I started would also have to have a purpose beyond simple profit generation.  I explored a number of different "green" options like solar power, electronics recycling, and carbon credit trading - but none seemed like a fit.

Then one day I saw a pie chart showing the types of waste thrown away in the United States.  Two thirds of the material discarded everyday could be composted instead of going to a landfill.  As I researched composting I quickly realized that there were only a handful of compost facilities in the United States.  I had found an industry with an amazing amount of potential and few competitors.  Better yet, the industry was young and had few barriers to entry.  A motivated person could learn the trade and get started with a small amount of capital.  I was hooked.

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