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Distinctive Fruit
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Sowing seeds, lots of them.

Community Building is Collaborating. We will be reaching out first to our walking community. Over 150 families within a mile! We are commited to feeding 200 people and taking food to the markets. Also we will be reaching those with land to consider exchanging land use for food produced. We will serve those in the footpath.

Sowing tomatoes and peppers

I's been a long day, with seed catalogs and rich text on wesite building. But what I'm feeling is the urgent question of when to sow tomatoes. and peppers. The greenhouse isn't quite up yet, but at least half those seeds are in the soil and beginning their warming, imbibing phase as they come into the new world of light. Any input on the quest for the early tomato is welcome!



Rain, Pollination and Growing Food

Snohomish, Washington:The wetter springs over the past several years have resulted in erratic pollination- less or no fruit for some that bloom during dark wet days. This year Asian plums had clear days and the varieties like Shiro and Beauty are loaded. European plums that bloom a bit later have a very light crop due to rain. Honeycrisp Apple has failed to pollinize, while Pixiecrunch is loaded with fruit. Apples have a bllom time that stretches 5-6 weeks. One of the longest blooming varieties that almost always gets pollinized is 'Williams' Pride'- an early, scab-free, crisp 'summer apple' named after Edwin Williams, the early fruit researcher at Purdue that made the selection

Grape bloom is later and we are seeing lot's of flower buds--Cold weather delays bloom where a tent will help move this forward a few weeks.

New rhubarb plantings are relishing the moist conditions as are the slugs! Young rhubarb will benefit from an application of sluggo as will strawberries which are beginning to turn red now. Know that Iron phoshate (sluggo) is OMRi approved -organic- and needs a few days to act on the shell-less mollusks.

   This is perfect weather to germinate the slow seeds like carrots, parsnips and parsley-and they don't succumb to the gastropods.

  The brambles like raspberry, marionberry, blackberry and loganberry are heavy with fruit as usual. Blueberries are hit and miss with botrytis affecting Bluegold and Northblu 


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