One Acre Farm restoration

  (Eagle Point, Oregon)
Heritage Skills classes at One Acre Farm
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One Acre Farm restoration project April 2008 - present Fall 2013

April 2008 this one acre was covered with trash piled 6 high down the driveway. Six cars rusted in various areas.  I lived alone for the first time in my life and took 20 pickup loads to the dump, and recycled dozens of barrels of glass, plastic and useless metal objects. This was my 25th year of raising half my food.... lucky I have the RABBITS or things might have been IMPOSSIBLE on the rocky barren hillside. 

How-to raise rabbits and gardens!

Rabbits love Roses ...and other rabbit research
And why you might raise rabbits even if you are vegan

29 True Facts about Rabbits        

ardengrabbit dot com/facts.html


TEACH CHILDREN to raise rabbits.... give them

good survival skills 4 the 7 generations !  Instructions above and a bunny for $5. to any child with a guardian adult to help teach the child and safeguard the bunny's health.  2013 is 25th anniversary of raising SATIN RABBITS and the BUNNY TRADING CLUB.

Presently people may participate in an internship program of their own choice, for example... a weekend, a week or ? any ideas.  One Acre Farm uses a logbook and operates as a collective.  

More soon....  Stella Jane

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