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Fixing Fences

This morning I had to repair the Pivot and 1/4 mile of fence. Some fool decided to drag race down the side road and ended up in the riverbed. Serves them right!

 Looks like this place is going to open its gates by July. All the new foundations are in and walls are going up. I feel like I'm watching a Phoenix rising from the ashes. The old pictures of this place are great and with the buildings we have going in that are part of the valley history the girls are going to apply to become a Living History Museum.

The livestock are all fat and happy and I am getting impatient to see them in their permanent homes. This ground was headquarters for 2 different cattle operations, a grain storage siding for the railroad, a sheep operation, and a family farm over the last 150 years. I've been trying to bring back the old orchard but I think the trees will have to be replaced. All of the new growth is below the grafts on the citrus. I did find a climbing rose in the weeds where the house used to be and as soon as it blooms I'll have someone figure out which one it is. The old house is a few miles up the road and the Historical Society owns it. It will be a museum too someday. I'm glad that people are interested in what we are doing and want to get involved. Our neihbor across the street drives over to help when he's in town and sees me here, his son stopped to help re-string wire this morning and thinks we should put in heavier posts. I think there are some old corner posts from Dimaggios around and if there are we'll pu them in.


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