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Activism by Capitalism

Many people assume when I speak of our plans of taking a vacant city-owned lot and turning it into an urban farm that we have a non-profit business model.

I believe running our farm as a small business makes sense. What better way to contribute to our community's economy? Since we are not a non-profit, we are purchasing the land from the city at full price and that money goes back to the city. While we are not able yet to support our family on our farm income, we believe that once we expand from our backyard farm to our city farm, we'll be able to increase output and thereby increasing our revenue.

With the added land, we'll also require employees to assist with planting, harvesting, retail, packaging/processing and deliveries. These new green collar jobs will continue to contribute to the local economy while our program for expanding our operations via satellite farms will contribute to the community as a whole by: repurposing and beautifying acres of vacant lots, creating opportunities for new agricultural entrepreneurs, increasing city revenue with the purchase of these lots and providing the community with fresh, naturally-grown produce, eggs and chicken that is grown locally.

Though Villarreal Family Farm is a Limited Liability Corporation, we have a non-profit that who's main goal is agricultural education and assisting community members that need access to fresh natural foods. Together we believe that we can make a difference in our community, environment and economy.

We have a Kickstarter project for our city farm expansion project and really need your help! We have only 18 more days to reach our goal or we don't get funded so please pass along our link via email, Facebook and Twitter and consider backing our project: http://kck.st/pyJAdz


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I find this to be very inspiring. I pray for your immeasurable success.

And I love your title :)

Posted by Elise on November 22, 2011 at 08:37 AM CST #

Thanks Elise. Hopefully our Kickstarter comes through. If not, we have no plans on giving up on our dreams! Thanks for your support and prayer :-)

Posted by Jeri on November 22, 2011 at 08:33 PM CST #

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