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The USDA has a nice tool on their website for locating food deserts (www.ers.usda.gov/data/fooddesert). A food desert is an area that is populated by people however the is limited access to grocery stores or fresh foods. We chose land for our urban farm due to the fact that there was limited access to fresh food and plenty of vacant land. However, I noticed that it didn't quite qualify as a food desert by USDA's standard. Perhaps they ar counting an upscale grocery store and health food grocer that caters more to more affluent members of the community. There seems to be a huge divide in that area and one extreme, there are $500,000 and above housing and on the other vacant lots owned by the city or private owners with vacant houses. The contrast is amazing. I want our farm to be a place where the entire community can have access to fresh, natural foods regardless of their ability to pay and regardless of which side of the invisible line their home falls on.

 I'm so excited to get this project underway. So far we are only 7% funded on Kickstarter but I refuse to be discouraged. Our customers are supportive, our community is outstanding and everyone we've met has expressed a simalar passion to bring fresh, natural foods to all members of our commuinty.

If you would like to help see this project succeed, please visit: www.HelpOurCityFarm.com no contribution is too small and all are appreciated. Please spread the word.

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