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Our Chicks Have Arrived

  All of our chicks have hatched and have been moved to their new cozy location, safe from the St. Louis cold. Days like this are so exciting. I do enjoy looking at the chicks and their happy little cheeps. Many people wonder how I can look at their little fuzzy faces knowing the task we will need to complete in the coming weeks.  When I look at our meat chickens, I show them the same love and nurturing as I do our laying hens. I won't go as far as naming them (I do number them), but I do treat them well. I attend to their nutritional needs, biological and social needs.

 Once it's time to do the deed, I know that the chicken before lived a great, albeit short, life. This chicken lived twice as long as the ones on commercial factory farms. And during that time, it was not confined to a cage or forced to grow so large that its little legs could support its weight. (Many of you have seen the photos of those poor factory farm chickens - so sad)

  Our chickens eat a balanced, organic diet; receive fresh air and plenty of sunshine. After we process them, they provide healthy meat to sustain our family and our family of customers. They lead a happy life and meet a noble end.







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