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A True Egg Hunt

We just added 3 new blue egg layers! They lay a beautiful turquoise blue eggs. So beautiful that I'd like to post a photo of them...if I could find them! That's right, the hunt is on for these eggs. I checked the nest several times yesterday, to no avail. Then I decided that I needed to watch where these birds were going. I covertly watched from my bedroom window as these blue-egglayers explored their surroundings. Hours later, I would retrace their steps to see if I would find a beautiful blue treasure. I found a nest that another one of my birds created out of a pile of leaves. She was setting for about 40 minutes, when she left, I rooted around and found 1 chocolate colored egg. I'm taking apart the nest and searching still for more eggs. The neighbors are surely laughing at me! I'm sure I look like a big chicken.


Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone! We started the new year off right by adding to our layer flock. We have 3 new blue egg layers and I cannot wait for their eggs. The girls aren't rolling out the red carpet to the new trio but hopefully things will settle down in the next few days as the pecking order is reistablished.

We did lose one of our young pullets. I thought she was old enough to move in the coop with the big girls. However, one of our girls has become increasingly aggressive, she just laid her first egg today, so that probably had a lot to do with it. So I put in my new beautiful pullet two days ago. The first day, things were a little rough, the next day, I heard a loud, terrified squawk. The little pullet lay dead with the new egg layer standing over her, picking at her remains. It broke my heart, I hatched that baby. She was a nice size but apparently no match for this hen.

RIP "Shimmer"...my daughter named this golden flecked little chicken.


Uhgh Winter Time

It is soooo cold. The hens won't leave the coop and I don't really blame them. Yesterday, I made them some special oatmeal with alfalfa, nuts, corn and seeds. They gobbled it up in a matter of minutes. An hour later, two beautiful eggs were laid. Those were the only two for the day, but I can't be too disappointed, it was really cold. Tomorrow, I'll probably have a few nests full of eggs!

I hope the girls are comfortable. We spent two hours wind proofing, water/snow proofing the run. The waterer is heated so they should have frost-free water as well. I love it when their all puffed up to keep warm. They look twice their size, like short fat turkeys. I'll have to upload a photo of them.


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