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Well I feel like a duck on water. On the surface, things have been calm for our farm but in actuality, we've been going full steam ahead at break-neck pace. When our Kickstarter project failed to be funded, most people thought we would have to discontinue our plans. However, it was just an opportunity to think about our project another way. 

We began to look at all of the things that we wanted to do and prioritized. We thought long and hard about what it was going to take to accomplish  each task. Then we tightened our belts and pinch our pennies to get things moving. We put a contract on the city lot which gave us 12 months to get our funding together for closing. Then we secured a rental agreement on the same property so that we could actually use the land prior to closing. This allowed us to construct our raised beds on the lot, bring soil and get things ready.

The one task that must be accomplished if our project is to succeed is raising the funds for closing. We have re-launched a Kickstarter campaign focused on raising the funds for closing. In less than 24 hours we were 50% funded. We have 28 more days to reach our goal or we do not receive any funds (no matter how close we come).

If you would like to watch the video of the progress we've made so far at city farm, visit www.HelpOurCityFarm.com


Only 10 Days Left! You Can Make a Difference!

In only 10 short days our Kickstarter campaign will come to an end. Will we reach our goal? Will we get funded? Will our dream of an urban farm happen as planned? I truly believe anything is possible. We have had amazing support from the community, from friends and family and from people we've never met and might not ever meet. On December 06 at 4:55 PM, the campaign will end and if we don't reach our goal, we don't get any of the funds pledged.

There are many ways in which you can help put an urban farm in St. Louis City and bring fresh, naturally-grown food to a community and reduce the environmental impact of shipping food into the city:

Visit our Kickstarter Page for the Expansion Project

Click Back This Project and pledge any amount over $1

Tell others that you've contributed on Facebook, Twitter, LinkdIn and Email

Notify green groups and organizations about our project and ask them to promote our Kickstarter page.

In 10 days, we can still make this happen, but we need your help! Together we can do amazing things!


Farm Fresh For Everyone

The USDA has a nice tool on their website for locating food deserts (www.ers.usda.gov/data/fooddesert). A food desert is an area that is populated by people however the is limited access to grocery stores or fresh foods. We chose land for our urban farm due to the fact that there was limited access to fresh food and plenty of vacant land. However, I noticed that it didn't quite qualify as a food desert by USDA's standard. Perhaps they ar counting an upscale grocery store and health food grocer that caters more to more affluent members of the community. There seems to be a huge divide in that area and one extreme, there are $500,000 and above housing and on the other vacant lots owned by the city or private owners with vacant houses. The contrast is amazing. I want our farm to be a place where the entire community can have access to fresh, natural foods regardless of their ability to pay and regardless of which side of the invisible line their home falls on.

 I'm so excited to get this project underway. So far we are only 7% funded on Kickstarter but I refuse to be discouraged. Our customers are supportive, our community is outstanding and everyone we've met has expressed a simalar passion to bring fresh, natural foods to all members of our commuinty.

If you would like to help see this project succeed, please visit: www.HelpOurCityFarm.com no contribution is too small and all are appreciated. Please spread the word.


Villarreal Family Farm Expansion Kickstarter Project

We've Planted the Seeds, Please Help Us Grow We've Planted the Seeds, Please Help Us Grow !
Thank you for your support of Villarreal Family Farm. Because of your support, we are now expanding. Our goal is to provide naturally and locally-grown produce, eggs and poultry to all members of our community by implementing our plans for a full-scale, commercial, urban farm, located at a previously vacant lot in St. Louis City. This will serve as a hub for urban food production, distribution, sustainable living and education. This urban farm will be the first urban agricultural venture of this type in the city of St. Louis.

Just as our efforts started with a few chicks, a packet of seeds and a small patch of land, we know it doesn't take much to accomplish great things. We've partnered with Kickstarter as a donation platform for this project. By pledging as little as $1, you can help this project succeed. Please spread the word. Together we can do great things!
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