Free Range WNY Chicken Eggs

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Chickens in the snow

Potato Candy Recipe

Potato Candy Recipe


1 Baked potato peeled
Confectionery sugar
Peanut butter

Mash the potato when cooled and mix with sugar until it reaches a dough like consistency, this will take a lot of sugar. Next roll it out on a sugared surface like dough. Spread peanut butter over the top then roll it up like a jelly roll. Refrigerate for a few hours then slice and enjoy. Food coloring can be added for a festive look.

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Christmas Gift Ideas

The economy is playing a large role in our Christmas gift buying habits. I wanted to share some easy homemade gifts that will be considered a needed item rather than a cheap Chinese throw away toy. Give gifts that will teach your loved ones how to survive and thrive this holiday season.[Read More]


This is our second year raising chickens and for the first time our chickens went into a molt. When chickens molt is means that there feathers fall out and they grow new ones. This primarily happens when the days get shorter and the nights get cold. Most of the time you will notice that your egg production also drops off.

We were faced with the challenge of thinning our flock for winter so we have room to raise chicks in the spring. Taking the chickens that were molting seemed like the easy choice, but now we are not sure. Our egg count is down and the older birds were tough to eat.

I guess we need to live and learn, happy harvest all and take some time to check out our online store you will find many great gift ideas for friends and family.


Chickens in the Snow

I was surprised that our chickens had such a strong reaction the first time they experienced snow. Our hens have free range over our yard all day long and they are tucked away safe and sound at night from preditors. I was surprised when we got our first snow and all of our girls stayed in the coop for the entire day. I thought oh my this is going to be a long winter if they will not even attempt to walk on snow.

After about a week I guess they were done being "all cooped up" and they started venturing out into the new white world. I was surprised that they ate snow like a treat. The strangest thing they did was getting lost or confused. We often were finding a random hen just sitting next the house or wandering around the other side of the coop. Most times they stay together and share a single thought or action. The best I can figure is they they got cold and disoriented, so we would just pick them up and put them back inside with there friends. On really cold days now we close the door to the outside pen so they don't wander away and get confused.

Life with chickens is never dull and did I mention never clean.

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