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Christmas Gift Ideas

December Newsletter Grow it,Save it,Use it

The economy is playing a large role in our Christmas gift buying habits. I wanted to share some easy homemade gifts that will be considered a needed item rather than a cheap Chinese throw away toy. Give gifts that will teach your loved ones how to survive and thrive this holiday season.

Christmas Gift ideas

1. Homemade canned jams and jellies arranged in a nice basket.

2. Homemade Laundry detergent in funky designed bottles that are recycled and personalized with your loved ones name.(Janes citrus peach enviromentally friendly laundry detergent made local) Add the recipe to the back of the bottle.

3. Make up a large glass jar filled with premade pancake batter labeled and homeade granola in another container and a gift certificate to use at

4. Check out a local tea shop and buy loose leaf tea, a tea baller, and seeds of the same tea so they can grow more before they run out. Chamomile works great for this gift basket.

5. Consider a canning kit, including water bath canner, rack and all utensil.

6. Plant herbs in matching containers and start growing them for living in door herb plants. Make labels from sticks that are split down the middle and written on in gold marker.

7. Consider a how to book and growing food, making energy, living more green, canning, home cooked recipes.

8. I would also like to encourage you to check out the country chicken calendars we have on this site.

9. Homemade hot coco in a decorative glass jar and a batch of cookies.

10. Check out some of the other ideas we have listed in the GSU marketplace.



I look forward to seeing pictures of your gifts on facebook this winter in the GSU group.


Happy growing,
Brenda Snyder

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This year the economy is struggling with lack of jobs and increasing prices. This year give gifts that are useful and can actually benefit your loved ones. Let’s try, homemade everyday items that are easy and made locally. If we do not stop supporting these giant corporations they will always be in control.

1)      Homemade play dough

2)      Homemade laundry detergent in decorative containers

3)      Jams and jellies made locally

6)      Gardening tools/ Seeds

7)      Canner and canning book

8)      Book on growing your own food

9)      Books on canning

10)   Recipe books

11)   Loose tea, tea ball, seeds to grow more Chamomile works well for this basket

12)   Spaghetti dinner basket  fresh loaf of bread, homemade sauce, whole wheat pasta in a basket

13)   Mini sewing machine for daughter and teach her how to make doll clothes

14)   Dried lavender sachet stacked in a tall glass jar

15)   Bird house kit to build skills and help the birds

16)   Check out the Country chicken’s calendar

17)   Block of wax and a candle making book

18)   Homemade potpourri

19)   Carmel popcorn/ peppermint brittle

20)   Jewelry made out of beads



These suggestions can be easily found online, so I’m not including directions for each. Most recipes can also be found on the DIY page or Recipes.


I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and may god bless you and your loved ones with health happiness and inner joy.


Remember nobody decides if you are going to be happy today except you!

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