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We have plenty of sweet and sour mandarinquats now.  They are a cross between a mandarin and a kumquat with an edible peel that is slightly sweet.  Like the kumquat, the peel must be eaten with the fruit to balance the super tart interior of the fruit.  Mandarinquats can be made into marmalade, preserved whole, eaten fresh and sliced for addition to green or fruit salads.  In addition, they can be sliced and cooked with pork roast or chicken.

Hemet Grapefruit

Our farm was recently visited by David Karp, a researcher at University of California Riverside and "Market Watch columnist for the L.A. Times.  The article came out on line on Friday, May 20th and will be in the paper the following Friday.  David knows everybody in the California Farmers Market world and is very knowledgeable about citrus.  We enjoyed meeting with him and learning more about citrus.

Here is a link to the article:,0,6235399.storygallery

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