It's The Lord's Farm

  (Deer Park, Washington)
A farm and family story....

Hello from It's the Lord's Farm

It's a cool drippy day on the farm.  We're getting another head of beef today, and a butcher hog.  The girls are playing amazingly quietly around me, except our 6 month old, who is asleep in our room. 

  There is so much to do in preparation for the garden, CSA, and the baby animals expected in the Spring.  We're working on a greenhouse, the seed order for the garden, graphing/laying out bed plans for the gardens... also, fences to build, a root cellar to finish, and so much more.  However, right now, inside with my family, I can find peace.  I can find joy in being with my girls, in the comfortable home my hubby built for us, my little house in the big woods.  It's a place of refuge, most of the time.  A place I am always happy to return home to, a place I miss when I am away, whether for an afternoon of shopping in Spokane, or for a week of gettaway time.  God is good.  We are blessed.  I feel loved. 

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