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Heritage Harvest Farm

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Hello from Heritage Harvest Farm! This is our first blog, so I'm very excited to share a lot of news with farm followers.

First, I have been starting a lot of seeds since the middle of February in preparation for spring. I've got onions, celery, cauliflower, Swiss chard, lettuce, radishes and a few herbs either in trays or in the cold frame.

This weekend will be my big seed-starting day! I've got all those tomatoes, eggplant and pepper seeds to get in trays. I've already used two bags of potting soil, and I'm going to have to grab Fletcher and drive to the store to get more! I'll have to turn on the grow cart for the first time of the year!

I also started a few flats of zinnias and cosmos so they are ready for the first week of May (when Northside Farmer's Market will begin for the season). I have more flower seeds to start, but will wait until next week.

Baby chicks should also be hatching next week, and over the next couple of weeks. I keep adding eggs to the incubator in hopes that we'll have success to either sell the chicks or processed freezer meat, or add the hens to our flock. I have been posting ads on craigslist for the eggs and now for the chicks.

Any money we make from the sale of produce, eggs, chicks or meat goes toward the sustainability and renovation of our farm. There are plans to add an orchard and berry patch this year, and we have a lot of excavation to increase our usable land, What we have is small, but we're determined to make it mighty!

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