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Happy Earth Day!

This week's entry will be short...I'm running low on nap time and hear Fletcher starting to stir.

Happy Earth Day! It's one of the few important holidays that Hallmark and WalMart haven't blown up into an imported-plastic-decoration-and-greeting-card nightmare.

Please plant something today (or whenever the weather permits). A single tree, shrub, perennial, vegetable, herb, etc. does its part to better the Earth. Even if it's a flat of pansies, I hope you'll get out into your yard, spend some time outside with your family and enjoy the beauty of plants.

Today, I've been planting trees from the Morrow County Soil and Water Conservation annual tree sale that Matt and his FFA students packaged this week. I know, I know, they're just a foot tall. What difference does that make? It will take some time, but I believe in planting for future generations. Every year, trees grow stronger and more beautiful.

Gotta go ... heard my boy on the monitor call for Mommy. Just get out there and plant!


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