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The Joys of Being a Farm Mommy

My son, Fletcher, offically turns two-and-a-half today, marking quite a milestone. Well, it's not really a milestone, per se, but it is a big deal to him! He's a big boy, and along with being a big boy comes farm chores.

While Fletcher is reluctant to help Mommy with chores, like feeding the chickens and dogs or weed the garden, one thing he really seems to like is picking worms out of the mud and tossing them into his "whum" bucket and feeding them to Rosie and Roxie (his favorite hens). Then I am reminded not to forget the "Whu-ster." 

Now, when I say he likes to pick the worms out of the mud, what I really means is that Mommy does it and holds them in her hand while Fletcher observes from a safe and clean distance. When he's told to drop them into his worm bucket, he replies, "Mommy do it."

Ah, the joys of being a "farm mommy." You know what I mean. It's knowing that introducing your children to the country life is something that will, hopefully, blossom into a lifelong love. Last summer was spent just wandering around outside with Fletcher as he discovered toads and bugs and acorns and wildflowers. We learned that acorns are an awesome load to haul in his dump truck. I am sure that this summer will be more of the same. But, do we ever really grow out of discovering what resides in our back yard, no matter how big or small? Are we ever too "grown up" to pick dandelions? I don't think so.

So, I am cherishing this time Fletcher and I have together. It won't be long before "Mommy" becomes just plain, old "Mom," But, I'm alright with that.

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