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Off we went to the store to purchase an incubator. Not sure how to use it or if it would even work.  I had sat and read a ton of articles on line of others' successes and failures.  Some had great advice while others were just totally overwhelming. 

We gathered eggs from our faithful turkeys and chickens.  We decided to give it a shot and learn from experience.

Well to make a long story short we have found our own successes and our own failures.  We have hached turkeys with great success.  The only problem that we run into is the turkeys once they are here will not eat or drink. The first six turkeys we hatched all died while standing in their own food. 

We only get about a third of our chickens to hatch, but once they hatch we have no trouble keeping them alive. All of our turkeys hatch, but we manage to kill them off after they are here. 

Go figure.

Practice makes perfect they say. 


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