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Is it fall yet?

Hey everybody.

The heat and drought just won't let up. nevermind, we will continue to prepare for the fall/winter season as if the earth will continue to spin and the seasons to turn. gotta trust something. A few scallions are up. I think it has been too hot for the radishes to sprout, but the carrots are trying, and the Asian greens are definitely up. The tiny celeries are up. They are so tiny, even tinier than parsley or snapdragons! Just eentsy. Hard to believe they will be two feet tall by spring.

We are doing a lot of planning. Where will the garlics go, the shallots, the spinach? Can we find space for 600 feet of garlic? what about the onions? It has been overall a great summer, just mighty dry.

Going to the mountains for a day next week, look at a tractor, take a day to relax before the fall season.


where you been?

Greetings to anyone still interested in what we have to say after the long hiatus.

 Internet access has been restored. Daughter is out of hospital. Greenhouse is full of cabbage and broccoli plants for the garden. Grapevines are full of muscadines and scuppernongs [Carlos and Regale] so it's time for pie. The Asian Greens in the pines are looking pretty good and we will have some radishes ready for market this week. The Arugula is AWESOME! I don't know why the gourmet mags are so into Baby Arugula when the teenage leaves are so terrifically Tender and, yes, they will bite you. But isn't that the attraction?

We are getting ready for the winter lettuce and greens season and our little citrus grove is full of fruit currently impersonating dark green baseballs. We are looking forward to a great winter season. And I'm hoping to start using this blog thing more.  Hope to meet you at our open house in October.

We will be at Market Square on Saturday September 4. goody.

best wishes,
Miss Louise

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