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Shorter not cooler

Hey Everybody. I like the shorter days, because with this heat if we had to endure one more minute before the sun went down....

We have our kale, and collards, and tronchuda up in the greenhouse. Keeping it cool in there is the big deal. 105 yesterday.We even have some lettuces up and will put them out next week. It is an experiment to find lettuce varieties that can rise to the challenge without bitterness.

We have put out arugula, radishes, asian greens, turnips, and carrots. early and hot. but if we don't try we'll never know, and we had good luck last year.

Sent a bunch of plants to the Kate Sullivan Garden yesterday. They are just getting started and are really doing it right and have good participation already. The principal is on board, which makes all the difference.

As we walked to the greenhouse yesterday oops! almost stepped on a young moccasin. eww. He and I were both surprised by the encounter. Had to get Herman to dispatch him to happier hunting grounds. We don't kill the oak snakes or the black snakes[not that you would have the chance to kill a black snake] but water moccasins.....gotta go. They seem to move around a bit late in the day, about dusk. Maybe moving to their night time mouse hunting positions. Life in the high grass of late summer, instructive, but annoying.

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