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Is it fall yet?

Hey everybody.

The heat and drought just won't let up. nevermind, we will continue to prepare for the fall/winter season as if the earth will continue to spin and the seasons to turn. gotta trust something. A few scallions are up. I think it has been too hot for the radishes to sprout, but the carrots are trying, and the Asian greens are definitely up. The tiny celeries are up. They are so tiny, even tinier than parsley or snapdragons! Just eentsy. Hard to believe they will be two feet tall by spring.

We are doing a lot of planning. Where will the garlics go, the shallots, the spinach? Can we find space for 600 feet of garlic? what about the onions? It has been overall a great summer, just mighty dry.

Going to the mountains for a day next week, look at a tractor, take a day to relax before the fall season.


New Kale and New Potato Soup

On the first cool day for our five star crew, I wanted something special for them at lunch. We have been eating new potatoes for weeks as I had gotten a half bushel from our neighbors. Lotta taters. This recipe is really fast because it uses leftovers. We served it with a fresh salad and corn muffins. All good.

1/2 pound of kale, chopped

one pound or so of cut up roasted new potatoes[maybe they were roasted with rosemary and carrots too]

5 cups of chicken/rooster or vegetable stock, heated

one huge Spanish onion, chopped

one big clove of Elephant Garlic, chopped

one or two Tablespoons of freshly grated ginger

butter or olive oil 

salt pepper marjoram thyme

You know the drill, saute the onion first because it takes longer, then add the garlic and ginger and saute till you swoon from the delicious aroma or the crew comes in to see what's cooking, whichever comes first. Add the herbs now too, if you like.

Add the chopped up kale and saute til tender, then the roasted potatoes, saute some more, then the stock, then the seasonings. Cook for a while til heated through, then blend up half to 3/4 of it to make creamy. Or add cream or whole milk if you want.

Call the crew in for lunch.

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