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Lying down in the nut grass, by Marilyn

First I must say how thankful I am for the sprinkling of rain and the wonderful cloud cover on Saturday.  It gave me hope fall is coming. Don woke me at 5a.m. and said it’s raining, I jumped up ran outside in my jammies and did a little rain jig!

My, my, my Marigold Marilyn’s garden is so full of nut grass.  So. I am told that the reason it is called nut grass is because there is an underground network of nutlike runners.  This is true because I have been digging, forking and pulling thousands of the nut runners up.  But the real reason, I believe nut grass is called nut grass is because IT IS DRIVING ME NUTS!!!!

No one would win a gardening contest if their garden was over run with nut grass.  I have made a vowel to fill a large gardening tub full of grass/weeds at least one a day.  Yes, I am making progress but MY GOODNESS!!

I am progressing with the weed pulling, following it with a soil busting from my MIGHTY MANTIS and I have a mountain of hardwood mulch that will be going over that area.  I will first put down DE between my rows, cover heavy with newspaper and top off with hardwood mulch.  Mulching is a gardener’s friend it holds in moisture and blocks weed growth.  The DE discourages bugs, especially ants.

I am in a lurch pulling weeds and all the while, my rivals are making progress.  I must say I am impressed with the Duchess and Lavender Karen.  Duchess has her compost piles set up and Karen has made her first plantings of cucumbers.

I have planted black eyed- peas, green beans, squash, okra, arugula and cucumbers.  All is up and thriving except the arugula and cucumbers.  Thank you Compost Tea.  I made two extra barrels and drenched the garden.  It was extra work but worth every drop.  Freshly Brewed Compost Tea and all organic gardening methods for that matter helps plants to maintain, grow and thrive during extreme heat.  The tea conditions the soil and adds micro life to the soil.  It is a win-win situation in the garden. 

Speaking of winning….Well I am plugging along.  The repurposed chicken run on the South side of my garden is almost completed and I will be in the market for more Rhode Island Red hens.

Off to the garden….one more bucket without going nuts!    

Three Rows Planted, by Duchess

All these years my mother has been in her garden, sometimes stressing out about planting dates, I didn't truly comprehend the madness.  I do now.  This new hobby of mine has been an incredible discovery.  I wish it wasn't so far away, I have to stay the night at my mom's to wake up and go check on my seedlings.  I didn't realize what a thrill it would be to raise my own food.  Even though all the food I'm planting is already sold, it's still a lot of fun.

This week was tough, we had one busy week with the business and it was tough to work in the gardens.  I did accomplish planting three rows, three rows that I made with a hoe.  I've planted quinoa, emerald okra, cilantro, crowder peas, pole beans, cut flower mixtures, swiss chard, celery, and some winter squash. 

I stopped at Redenta's and picked up some eggplant transplants for my garden, I hope my mom doesn't use them on the truck farm or all of them...but they were 75% off, heck yes.  Shoot, if I get one eggplant off of them it is still cheaper than shopping at Whole Foods or Farmer's Market.  When I take produce that I have grown to Farmer's Market next year, I plan to have the most affordable prices.  It takes more time than it does money to raise these vegetables. 

Mom has had some volunteers and Karen has been working on her garden, Karen's garden looks great!!  Well moving on to another times...?

LIfe in the garden by Lavender Karen

On Thursday morning I awoke to a wonderful surprise. Marigold Marilyn had been working in my garden. She placed two water mats in my garden and began staking them for me. I was so glad that I had pulled weeds in her garden earlier, or I would have felt pretty guilty. As the morning wore on, I planted my Juliet Hybrid tomato plants that I grew from seed. I love planting seeds, nurturing them, and watching them grow. Maybe that's why I had so many kiddos?!?! Who knows?

Anyway, after planting my tomatoes, I began mulching my garden. First I put on a mask to protect my lungs. Then I spread Diatomaceous Earth- a very fine sand made of broken up shells- it kills just about any crawling bug. Then I covered the D.E. with newspapers. They were blowing away, (we're at the top of a hill) so I squirted them with water and they calmed down. Lastly, I was able to spread 3 bags of Hardwood Mulch on top of the D.E. and newspapers.

My garden is beginning to take shape. I see life happening. What about you Duchess?!?!?!?

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