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LIfe in the garden by Lavender Karen

On Thursday morning I awoke to a wonderful surprise. Marigold Marilyn had been working in my garden. She placed two water mats in my garden and began staking them for me. I was so glad that I had pulled weeds in her garden earlier, or I would have felt pretty guilty. As the morning wore on, I planted my Juliet Hybrid tomato plants that I grew from seed. I love planting seeds, nurturing them, and watching them grow. Maybe that's why I had so many kiddos?!?! Who knows?

Anyway, after planting my tomatoes, I began mulching my garden. First I put on a mask to protect my lungs. Then I spread Diatomaceous Earth- a very fine sand made of broken up shells- it kills just about any crawling bug. Then I covered the D.E. with newspapers. They were blowing away, (we're at the top of a hill) so I squirted them with water and they calmed down. Lastly, I was able to spread 3 bags of Hardwood Mulch on top of the D.E. and newspapers.

My garden is beginning to take shape. I see life happening. What about you Duchess?!?!?!?

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