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Three Rows Planted, by Duchess

All these years my mother has been in her garden, sometimes stressing out about planting dates, I didn't truly comprehend the madness.  I do now.  This new hobby of mine has been an incredible discovery.  I wish it wasn't so far away, I have to stay the night at my mom's to wake up and go check on my seedlings.  I didn't realize what a thrill it would be to raise my own food.  Even though all the food I'm planting is already sold, it's still a lot of fun.

This week was tough, we had one busy week with the business and it was tough to work in the gardens.  I did accomplish planting three rows, three rows that I made with a hoe.  I've planted quinoa, emerald okra, cilantro, crowder peas, pole beans, cut flower mixtures, swiss chard, celery, and some winter squash. 

I stopped at Redenta's and picked up some eggplant transplants for my garden, I hope my mom doesn't use them on the truck farm or all of them...but they were 75% off, heck yes.  Shoot, if I get one eggplant off of them it is still cheaper than shopping at Whole Foods or Farmer's Market.  When I take produce that I have grown to Farmer's Market next year, I plan to have the most affordable prices.  It takes more time than it does money to raise these vegetables. 

Mom has had some volunteers and Karen has been working on her garden, Karen's garden looks great!!  Well moving on to another times...?

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